Published: 11.15.2022

Plantation rum tasting


Let’s forget the pirate legends now, but let’s stay with the exotic countries! This Friday night in November, led by the brand manager of Plantation, Márton Szalmás we travel from Barbados trough Guyana to Jamaica; from Guatemala trough Fiji to Australia under the spell of six silky, spicy and sensual signature distillates, among which there will be limited items.

The 6 types of Plantation signature rums that we will taste
-Plantation Isle of Fiji
-Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry rum
-Plantation Gran Anejo rum
-Plantation XO 20 th Anniversary rum
-Plantation 2007 Australia rum
-Plantation Vintage 2007 Guyana rum

Don’t settle for anything less: the premium rum tasting in New Town is born from the meeting of the lightness of the Caribbean (+Australian) world and the unique history of drink specialties marked by the well-sounding name of Plantation.

During the evening, our guests will choose from two top dishes from our bistro,
– the skin-on baked salmon
– the confit pork ribs, so the tasting becomes a 100% experience.

Participation fee: HUF 24,990/person

We charge a 10% service fee for the total amount of the invoice.

Published: 10.21.2022

Fall brunch weekend

10.29.2022-11.01.2022. 9:00-15:00

Extraordinary opening hours: Mon-Tue – 8:30-16:00

At New Town Bistro you can choose from our special brunch offers during the whole autumn long weekend, from Saturday to Tuesday from 9 am to 3 pm, and our breakfast classics will still be available. Taking a seat in the exclusive environment or heated terrace of our bistro, you can read and surf the Internet while the bistro is bubbling: familiar faces and interested tourists everywhere. The atmosphere is comfortable, yet special.

But what is the secret of brunch in New Town?
Brunch is nothing but a way of life: get up late, walk into New Town Bistro, start the day with a cup of divine specialty coffee and choose from our limited brunch menus prepared for this fall weekend or from our regular breakfast menu. A glass of indulgent prosecco or cocktail can only enhance the shine of the brunch

Our extra brunch offer:
– poached eggs, smoked catfish, avocado, sourdough bread
– roasted goose liver, peach, aszu jelly, walnut cake
– slow-roasted neck steak, onion-pepper jam, capers, rucola, sourdough bread
– quality champagne items and special brunch cocktails

If you want more…
In these comfortable morning hours, you can even ask for a sickeningly rich buttery croissant with jam from our current breakfast offer or pamper yourself with a divine yogurt and fruit granola. If you want salty flavors, don’t miss our scrambled eggs with fresh vegetabl

Published: 09.30.2022

New Town’ Sparkling Expericences

Saturday 15th October

The New Town Bistro made a big splash once again. As part of its Saturday experience offers, this time the place offers its guests the finest champagnes and champagne-based cocktails with live music in the evening. This is also a great program for those who don’t specifically drink champagne, but come for a Saturday evening dinner accompanied by pleasant guitar melodies and singing.

We can call ourselves truly lucky, as Europe abounds in wonderful grape-growing regions. In addition to the cream of the domestic champagne selection, our bistro now also offers all-day discounted tastings of French and Italian champions, which can be tasted by the glass.

The day, rich in pearly bubbles, will be closed with an acoustic evening by singer-guitarist László Járási from 7 p.m. The charmer, also known as the frontman of the band Indygo, will shine his musical versatility in front of the guests of Újváros Bisztró.

In addition to the golden sparkling champagne experiences, it is of course also possible to eat and drink à la carte all day long.
We charge a 10% service fee for the total amount of the invoice.

Published: 09.14.2022

Maul Wine Evening

Saturday, 24th September, 07:00 PM

As the next stop of our New Town experiences, which continue in September, this time Zsolt Maul fills our cozy bistro with top-top wines from his award-winning Villány winery.

We recommend our first autumn exclusive wine evening to all those who:
-are curious about the classy list of peppers lined up in the interpretation of the country’s brilliant winemaker;
-want to crown the weekend with wine snacks and top-list top wines in the context of a real gourmet adventure;
-would spend a few pleasant hours talking in good company, with one of the country’s best winemakers on Saturday in the special atmosphere and elegant surroundings of the New Town Bistro;
-would participate in the opening event of the newly opened New Town Wine Club;
-they would like to eat one of our chef’s seasonal favorites, the pork tenderloin with cabbage strudel.

Zsolt is loved not only for his brilliant style, but also because few people know the secret of good wine like he does. His wines are very special, characterized by a unique Maul style. He brings his 10 most exciting items to this special event and introduces to us to his ars poetica.

– Blonde 2021 – White Cabernet Franc
– Servus Rose 2022 – Kékfrankos and Merlot
– Lator 2018 – Cabernet Franc
– Hedonist 2018 – Merlot
– Dávid 2018 – Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
– Dániel 2018 – Cabernet Franc, Merlot
– Lilac 2019 – Carmenere
– Valkyrie 2020 – Pinot Noir
– Demon 2019 – Syrah
– Zs.Cabernet Virgo 2018 – Cabernet Sauvignon barrel selection

“My wines have a very unique style, and my favorite varieties are the French varieties, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc. Of these, Cabernet Franc is the closest to my heart. My own Franc, which has received the fantasy name Lator. ” – Zsolt Maul

Let’s get started the art of thinking about wine and tasting together on our New Town way.
The price of the Wine Evening, which includes the 10-item wine tasting and the dinner: HUF 15,000/person

A service fee of +10% will be charged to the total amount of the invoice.

Published: 09.02.2022


9-11th of September

Plum Days in Szarvas, which will be held for the 24th time this year, is one of the largest and most unique gastro cultural festivals in Southeast Hungary.

As part of the plum festival, which covers the entire second weekend of September, we can meet a diverse culinary offer and series of programs in the heart of Körösök. This year’s event should not be missed, because the New Town Bistro is preparing a special offer for this occasion, every morsel of which contains explosive pleasure.

The purpose of the Plum Festival in Szarvas is to popularize the plum and explain the traditions associated with it. We say, if it’s plum, it should be from New City!

Don’t hesitate to try our specialty plums from New Town:
– Tastiest plum dumplings of Szarvas
– Cinnamon plum syrup
– New Town plum brandy
– Plum cocktail
– Plum wine lemonade
– Plum cream dessert with wine pairing
+1 encore:
Cherry flavoured beer of Viharsarok (no, exactly not plum)

What’s more, on Saturday night, thanks to DjRely, we will even treat you to a light live music mix on the terrace of our bistro.

Published: 08.15.2022


SATURDAY, 08.20.2022.

On August 20, you can admire the town’s spectacular fireworks view from the New Town Bistro in Szarvas.

The dreamer of New Town welcomes visitors with champagne, golden cappuccino and a glass of cocktail during a tour of the first high-tech building of Szarvas. Stands on the most exclusive VIP balcony of Szarvas: HUF 15,000.

On our dinner terrace, a 5-course offer of our renewed menu awaits its guests accompanied by a wine pairing per menu with a welcome champagne, the price of which is HUF 27,000.

Published: 07.20.2022

Craft Beer Day


Instead of surprises, we reveal our cards. We’ll show you what the generators of the weekend bistro beer pleasure will be.

The following beer palette of 12 special seasonal items will be served on Saturday:
– Horizont Brewing: Easy A and Hazy Queen
– MONYO Brewing: Cherry Hero and Flying Rabbit
– Abbey Brewery of Pannonhalom: Blonde and Witbier
– Szent András Brewery: Loose Moral and Apple strudel
– Ugar Brewery: Wonder Compote and Green Speedo
– Mad Scientist: Liquid Cocaine and Plum Dumplings

And if that wasn’t enough, the experience is crowned by our premium menu – which combines an excellent hand made hamburger, sweet potato chips and purple cabbage – and the Körös coast view.
And now let’s quickly shed a tear well in advance, because tomorrow we will certainly not get it over dry!

Published: 07.10.2022

Tequila Sunset


Those who visit our Újváros experience on Saturday can enjoy an unadulterated flash of Latin lifestyle, as we await our guests on the terrace of our bistro with a range of the most unique tequila and mezcal-based cocktails and spirits.
And from 7 p.m., Alex Torres, the Peruvian guitar master, will play Latin live music for us.

Alex Torres is a Peruvian guitarist, songwriter and composer. During his 15 years as a musician, he has performed in many countries. His career began at the age of 12. At that time, he started performing with his father, the world-famous Peruvian guitarist Pepe Torres, and then gradually became independent and toured all over America and Europe with his concerts. He currently lives in Hungary and is working on his second solo album.
Alex’s diversity is also reflected in his musical style. He is greatly influenced by folk, flamenco, indie acoustic pop, Latin jazz and electro-pop styles.

We can get a tempting taste of this colorful Latin sound world and the drink specialties of Central America tomorrow at the New Town Bistro with a discount of 20%.

Published: 07.04.2022

Spritz Terrace


Nowadays, the spritz is experiencing a renaissance. Drinking spritz is a cool, real Hungarian lifestyle! We Hungarians really know how to drink spritz and we love it. Perhaps its secret lies in its simplicity. It does no more than is absolutely necessary: ​​it refreshes you, like the shade of the Holt-Körös’ marsh cypresses, and soothes your thirst in the summer heat.

We only really enjoy the beneficial effects of wine diluted with soda in the heat of the day. There is nothing better than drinking this refreshment on the terrace of the New Town Bistro in the shade of the sun sails during relaxing and chatting. Who could imagine all this without a good glass of spritz or wine lemonade?

Although few people would think it, the spritz is Hungaricum! The word itself was created and translated into Hungarian by Mihály Vörösmarty. According to legend, Vörösmarty was drinking wine with Ányos Jedlik in a cellar in Fót, and tasting his wine spritzed with soda water invented by Jedlik, he remarked: “-Spritzer? Too German. Let it be spritz” The wine sparkling with soda water first became a drink during this harvest in Fót. So from here is the name, which is really much more Hungarian, and today almost a sense of lifestyle is connected to it.

Join us tomorrow for our Újváros experience on Saturday; let’s toast with a refreshing bistro spritz tomorrow too, encore with a 20% discount!

Published: 06.28.2022

Steak and Whisky


We will open July with this characteristic Saturday night event in the unusual surroundings of the New Town Bistro.

What is literally on the table is a great selection of black angus steak, fried potatoes, salad, brown sauce, bearnaise sauce.

The price of the steak dinner is HUF 14,900

Furthermore our guests can taste a carefully compiled range of whiskey line, during which we serve guest finger foods and list the specialties of the world’s recognized whiskey regions in the interpretation of Dávid Dobos, whisky sommelier from Szekszárd.

Our whisky tasting is made up of a taste of the unique offer of the bistro, and exclusive items compiled exclusively for tasting with the recommendation of the whisky sommelier:
– Buffalo trace 45 – USA bourbon
– Green spot – Irish single pot still
– Auchentoshan 12 – Scottish single malt

After tasting the first three items, we will serve dinner.
– Compass box The Story of the Spaniard – Scottish blended malt
– Nikka from the barrel – Japan blended
– Ardbeg An Oa – Scottish single malt

The price of the whiskey tasting: HUF 12,900

A perfect summer evening experience with varied and special flavors in the New Town Bistro not only for whiskey and steak fans!

Published: 06.20.2022

Gin & Tonic Terrace


A refreshing gin tonic cocktail is always a good choice.

If you can sip this chic, yet delicious drink in several versions on the terrace with the most beautiful view of the shores of the Holt-Körös, it is worth a refreshing summer program.

The New Town Bistro offers a unique gin tonic experience with a 20% discount on you on this Saturday.

Try even the boldest combinations, as there are 16 types of G&T waiting for you on our terrace, accompanied by cozy live DJ music:
02:00PM-06:00PM Taylor Z.
06:00PM-12:00PM Magda Brothers

Published: 06.14.2022

Coffee tasting


The coffee palette of the Newtown Bistro showcases the best of Hungarian and international coffee roasters. Participants of the event are sure to get an unparalleled taste through the 5-item guided tasting that travels the path of coffee from shrub to cup.

– comparison the traditional Italian roasting with light one
– let’s see what makes a “premium” an espresso
– the fruitiness of specialty coffees, the real curiosity of tea made from the flesh of coffee
– answer any questions you may have about coffee

– two types of cascara
– filter coffee
– Italian espresso
– premium specialty espresso

Fee of the interactive and thematic tasting: 5,000 HUF

Published: 06.08.2022

Exclusive cocktail night


The pillars of Saturday’s terrace opening party are served by the cocktail specialties that have been provided for guests of the New Town Bistro by the Cocktail Bar of the Year winner András Ódor. So the internationally acclaimed bartender delights the audience of the bistro with three specialties.

Our unique cocktail offer
– Cigarette After Sex 3,490 Ft
– Let Off Steam 3,490 Ft
– Spice Route 3,490 Ft

The price of the cocktails on our drink menu is still HUF 2,990

The weekend program will be completed by a taste of the food of the New Town Bistro and the cozy live DJ music mix.