Innovative contemporary Hungarian restaurant

Our vision is to combine cultural and culinary traditions with the forward-looking and dynamic solutions offered by our modern times. We show how the past and the present can live together in peace and harmony, reconciling long-standing traditions with the trends of our modern world, whether in architecture, interior design, food, coffee, cocktails, or wine. Read more...

“For us, Newtown Bistro is not just a name, it’s part of a concept: from laying the foundations of the building, to choosing the style of the place, to the gastronomy.”

— Csaba Szin – owner

At the bank of the Holt-Körös River of Szarvas on a picturesque plot of land surrounded by protected bald cypress trees, we built the modern Newtown Bistro with a terrace overlooking the old town with the Millennium Monument and Bolza Castle. The view of the historical old town reflected on the glass surface of the hi-tech building, embodies the peaceful connection of the two banks of the Körös.

The interior design of the building brings the past and the present together. The marble mosaic floor with 24-carat gold inlays, reminiscent of the decorations of medieval Roman palaces and churches, and gives honour to the Italian Bolza family, whose heritage defines the character of the old town of Szarvas. The interior design of the building pays homage to the artists and achievements of our time, with the eye-catching works of modern interior designers and the latest hi-tech solutions.

The past and the present are mutually reinforcing in our kitchen. In the magical setting of the bald cypresses and the Körös River, we revive the 18th-century relaxed bistro tradition in a modern elegant new town setting while combining traditional dishes with surprising new ideas. Our innovative contemporary Hungarian restaurant offers lunch and dinner for food lovers, based on the idea and under the supervision of our chef Zoltán Piltz. The dishes can be accompanied by the unique selection of our cocktail and wine bar.

“Our main motivation was to contribute to the development of our hometown, to share the gastronomic wonders which we encountered during our travels, and to provide that our guests can become more by visiting the Newtown Bistro.”

— Bence Szin – owner

Our beverage selection presents a diverse range of modern trends and traditions. In coffee we showcase the play of flavors from Italian tradition to the new wave roasting, and in cocktails we take the classics and give them a new twist. Our specialty café awaits guests with coffee from an outstanding Italian roaster, as well as specialty coffees from the best domestic and world-leading roasters, homemade seasonal lemonades and many other delicacies. Our signature cocktails are created by András Ódor, winner of the Dining Guide Cocktail Bar of the Year award. Our aim is to present the natural, clean form of all drinks and offer the noblest, purest form of each. We show the true face of wine grapes, the limits of the coffee fruits, the pure harmony of cocktails, the nobility of spirits, and the elegance of sparkling wines.

The bistro is an elegant, yet comfortable meeting location with a unique atmosphere, where both the local and the passing-through visitors can comfortably hold their business or friends meetings, where they can gain new experiences, knowledge and join in the daily flow of information.



“All the dishes depart from the ordinary, yet each has an element that pulls the food back to the table and makes it bistro-style. Among our goals and plans, there is a common thread: to keep learning, to motivate each other, and to progress. We consistently focus on the details that can make it a little better, offering a slightly enhanced experience.”


Newtown Bistro has been included in the selected list of Hungary’s best restaurants. We would like to thank our guests and our team for their support and dedication. We are proud of this milestone!

``This bistro can be the next great hope of country gastronomy.`` + +

``(...) we are in love with the grandiose and breathtaking restaurant that opened in the High-Tech building in Szarvas, which has now firmly sticked itself on the gastronomic map.``

``Szarvas is worth a trip, and it's worth placing bets on whether the place will be included in next year's Michelin Guide.``
``... one of the most exciting, innovative and undoubtedly the most promising restaurants of recent months, the New Town Bistro.``

Edit Szabó, wine specialist writer - Peppermint

``This year, the Michelin Guide published a restaurant list for the entire Hungary for the first time. Until now, only restaurants in Budapest have been classified in our country. Based on our opinion, many other restaurants in the countryside are also worth to be visited. For example... the New Town Bistro in Szarvas... is definitely recommended.``

Gourmet Reporter

``Without exaggeration, we can place the place in the national forefront right from the moment it opens.``

Hungarian Nation

``... without any exaggeration, it can also be put on the map as a culinary destination.`` - Vajda Pierre

``... a world-class luxury restaurant in a small town in a peaceful county...``


``The restaurant that placed Szarvas on the country's gastronomic map.``

Newtown Bistro in Szarvas among the top 100 best restaurants in the Dining Guide.

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