Newtown Bistro in Szarvas among the top 100 best restaurants in the Dining Guide

It is with great pleasure and pride that we share with you that Newtown Bistro in Szarvas has been ranked 57th in the Dining Guide's Top 100 Best [...]

“The restaurant that placed Szarvas on the country’s gastronomic map.” – Nosalty , one of the leading online gastronomy websites in the country, recently visited our fine bistro. The website’s editor highlighted the importance of sourcing healthy and local […]

The Chef Inspiration magazine has also written about the New Town Bistro: “Aivailable luxury and peak gastronomy in Szarvas – this is the Newtown Bistro!”

The increasingly developing rural hospitality is slowly but sureely catching up, which has been noticed and appreciated by the Michelin Guide. The Bib Gourmand rating was won only […]

Chef Zoltán Piltz wants to make the Newtown Bistro of Szarvas the best country restaurant

“Comprehensible, simple, bistro cuisine made with good and fresh ingredients. This is my favorite style.” – Zoltán Piltz and the New Town Bistro are worth a trip to […]

The Newtown Bistro (…) will soon be on the gastro map indefinitely.” – Gastroguide magazine

Our country’s leading online gastro magazine, GastroGuide, examines the country’s most exciting restaurants during its tests. His crosshairs now include the New Town Bistro in Szarvas, which we […]

Pierre Vajda, the big gastro critic, visited Newtown bistro of Szarvas – which has been on the map of Hungary as a culinary destination

Pierre Vajda, the country’s acknowledged food critic, visited New Town Bistro in Szarvas. The reason for the culinary visit was the bistro’s exclusive menu. He writes about his […]

“Without doubt, we can place the bistro at the forefront of Hungary, right from the opening moment.” – Magyar Nemzet

At the opening weekend of the bistro, we welcomed Zsolt Attila Borbély – Hungary’s prominent food critic and leading columnist of Magyar Nemzet – who spoke in superlatives […]