“The restaurant that placed Szarvas on the country’s gastronomic map.” – Nosalty

http://Nosalty.hu , one of the leading online gastronomy websites in the country, recently visited our fine bistro. The website’s editor highlighted the importance of sourcing healthy and local ingredients, which are essential for the carefully prepared dishes and represent one of the pillars of our kitchen, in their complimentary post detailing their culinary experience. In the following article, the editor shares their account of the multi-course lunch and specialty drinks enjoyed on the terrace of our restaurant on the banks of the Holt-Körös River with their readers. As they write: “This restaurant is definitely worth a visit, if only for the fact that it is second to none in terms of value for money. The New Town Bistro is well worth a visit and I am sure it will set the city on the road to gastronomic development.”

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